Virtual is vital, too!

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Sustainable strengthening of local health systems in the Western Balkans

Project update - May 2022

  • A regional virtual network has been established. Virtual activities called "Virtual is vital, too!" have been conducted since March 2022 through the Zoom pro platform. Topics of virtual workshops and psychosocial counselling were selected based on a survey conducted with older persons in three project states on their digital skills and internet access and the development of individual activities based on their needs and interests. These virtual sessions are conducted three times a week from the virtual centers of our partners. All sessions are shared on the websites of HWI and project partners, on Facebook, and on the project YouTube channel.
  • A regional project team meeting was held in Sarajevo between 16 and 18 May 2022, involving all project partners. Realization of project activities, Implementation methodology, visibility of the project, public relations, media, and reporting – semi-annual and final report, were discussed at the meeting.
  • Studies have been finalised on analysing existing structures of legal grounds for mobile home care for older persons and recognition of the profession of caregiver for older persons and persons in need in the labour market in BiH, Serbia, and North Macedonia. Considering the most important indicators of the analysis of the current situation, as well as the conclusions and recommendations of the Study, the first consultation meeting was held in BiH on 26 May 2022 through Zoom with representatives of the NGO sector, launching a dialogue to promote recognition of caregivers as a professional group in BiH law. Dialogues will be launched in Serbia and N. Macedonia in the coming period.
  • Volunteer training is underway in all three project countries in the field of psychosocial support and digital literacy of older persons. At least 360 new volunteers are expected to be trained in targeted countries, and they will further train new volunteers.
  • Distribution of IT equipment for the elderly in the form of 130 tablets is in progress.