Hilfswerk International supports diplomatic dialogue regarding international support to BiH in the management of irregular migration

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Within the project „Reducing irregular migration to the EU by strengthening the capacity of migration-related structures in the Western Balkans”, Hilfswerk International, together with its project partner Association HAJDE, and the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina organised the Diplomatic dialogue about the possibility of international support to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the process of managing migration. The event was held in Sarajevo on 23.06.2021, and it gathered representatives of embassies and key migration-oriented institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as representatives of international organisations, with the goal of presenting national institutions' activities in the area of managing and regulating migration and exchanging experiences.

            The Minister of security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Selmo Cikotić, emphasises that  establishing more efficient coordination of competent institutions compared to previous years has led to management of migration being lifted to a significantly higher level and to a reduction in the number of migrants in BiH. He also notes the importance of building the Lipa reception center, which is ongoing, and which will be a model for the functioning of migrant reception centers not only in BiH, but also in the region.

            On this occasion, the Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ambassador Johann Sattler, emphasises that there is certain progress in the area of migration management, but there is a need to additionally strengthen the capacities and share the burden in the area of migration. He adds that the EU will continue to provide support in the area of migration in the Western Balkans and BiH, with stronger engagement and inclusion of national institutions. In this context, the Council of Ministers of BiH should award funds to the Ministry of Security of BiH and enable it to increase the capacities of migration-related structures, which is one of EU's requirements, says Sattler.

            The Managing director of Hilfswerk International, Stefan Fritz, emphasises the determination of this organisation to contribute to capacity-building in national security structures, while providing support and training to help these structures continue to perform their assigned roles and successfully manage the irregular migration process to BiH and the EU. Fritz also notes that he is satisfied that Hilfswerk International staff in BiH is cooperating with capable, dynamic, as well as interested and motivated partners in security structures. Hilfswerk International is looking forward to future cooperation with national partners, as well as all international actors that are actively engaged in the area of migration. He emphasises that it is Hilfswerk International's „firm belief that we can all jointly do a tremendous job in the spirit of true partnership“.

The project "Reducing Irregular Migration in the EU by Strengthening the Capacity of Migration-Related Structures in the Western Balkans" is co-financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and the Federal Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Austria and implemented by Hilfswerk International in cooperation with the Association for Help and Development "HAJDE”.