From June 11 to 13, a two-day workshop on the topic of Strengthening Migration Management, Return process and Asylum is being held in Ohrid

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On Wednesday, June 12, 2024, a two-day workshop on Strengthening Migration Management, Return and Asylum organized by Hilfswerk International (HWI) and the Joint Coordination Platform (JCP) has started.

The workshops are attended by representatives of the relevant Ministries, institutions, security agencies and international organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Montenegro, including: representatives of the Ministry of Security and the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives of the Republic Secretariat for Displaced Persons and Migration as well as representatives of the Service for Foreigners Affairs BiH, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of North Macedonia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro as well as representatives of the Migration, Asylum, Refugees Regional Initiative (MARRI) and representatives of UNHCR and IOM of North Macedonia.

On behalf of the mentioned organizations, the workshop was opened by Muris Kodzaga - Deputy Director of Hilfswerk International for the Western Balkans and Berndt Koerner - Head of the Joint Coordination Platform.

The successfully completed conference on Strengthening Migration Management, Return and Asylum processes in the Western Balkans, held previously in Sarajevo (in the period from May 14 to 16, 2024), served as the starting point for the first working day of the workshop by presenting its summaries and conclusions.

The first day of the workshop consists of two working parts, where the first one covers the issue of return capacities in the Western Balkans, including an overview of relevant results and the current situation in the region. Also, this area will include the topic of challenges that can slow down the processes of return to the countries of origin, which will be followed by a discussion of legislative and political obstacles in the entire process. The second part of the day will be followed by the topics of monitoring and promotion of regional cooperation, but also the topics of the need for Escort trainings and the expected results in the mentioned field. The general situation and an overview of the results with the actual/current data for the Western Balkans region, will be finalized by summarizing the conclusions of the first working day.

The second day of the training will cover the topics of asylum capacity in the Western Balkans through the presentation of the current situation as well as potential changes to the national legislation, followed by the mapping of challenges that may arise in their further implementation.

By discussing the previously stated topics but also by planning future activities in terms of strengthening the capacity of return and asylum, the second working day of the workshop will be concluded as part of the project “Strengthening Migration Management, Asylum and Return Processes in the Western Balkans” financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and the Federal Ministry of the Interior of Austria.

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