Final Conference - Reducing irregular migration to the EU

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On 21st September 2022, Hilfswerk International, together with its project partner Association for Help and Development HAJDE, held the Final Conference for the project "Reducing irregular migration to the EU by strengthening the capacity of migration-related structures in the Western Balkans", which is financed by the Asylum, migration and integration fund and the Austrian Ministry of interior.

The conference gathered over 100 persons who have in some capacity participated in the project in the last 18 months, and aside from speeches held by Minister Selmo Cikotić, HWI Director Stefan Fritz, and HWI BiH Regional Director Suzana Jašarević, the conference consisted of two presentations and two moderated panels. During the presentations, participants had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the results of the project, as well as the significant regional impact that it has achieved.

Among the many project achievements, it's important to emphasise that over 600 individual people were involved in the project as participants and beneficiaries, and 35 various events were held, with the aim of strengthening regional cooperation, establishing communication, creating training programs, and developing laws and strategies in the area of migration and asylum. It can be said that the project was a resounding success and that representatives of institutions in the region are satisfied with the accomplished results, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to communicate to such a degree with their regional counterparts.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this project, and especially the Ministry of Security of BiH, which was invaluable throughout the project implementation.