Female Police Officers from BiH at a workshop on the role of Female Police Officers in the process of Reducing irregular migration

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A two-day workshop with representatives of the “Association of the Network of Female Police Officers” held on September 23. and 24., in Konjic, resulted in active participation of representatives from even 16 police agencies from all over BiH, within the topic "The role of female Police Officers in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the process of reducing irregular migration - raising awareness of gender equality and discrimination in the police structures of Bosnia and Herzegovina".

The first workshop of this type as part of the project "Reducing irregular migration to the EU by strengthening the capacity of migration-related structures in Western Balkans", seeks to strengthen the category of female employees and emphasize their role in the process of reducing irregular migration as well as responding to the migrant crisis and accompanying security challenges.

The workshop also included the inevitable issues of gender equality and gender discrimination within police structures in BiH, which affects the entire process of active engagement of woman police officers in their work and performance.

With the pronounced importance and usefulness of this type of training for female Police Officers, the next planned event will concern the procedures of research and proof of criminal offenses of human trafficking, which represent prominent challenges in the work on reducing irregular migrations.

The project "Reducing Irregular Migration in the EU by Strengthening the Capacity of Migration-Related Structures in the Western Balkans" is co-financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and the Federal Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Austria and implemented by Hilfswerk International in cooperation with the Association for Help and Development "HAJDE”.